Kingdom Love

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Kingdom Love

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one flesh love 


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Gerald still opens the door for me, sings to me and reads to me every day. A few months after we were married, one of Gerald's co-workers asked him if I was still making his lunch and that bothered me. I did not do that to impress anyone; I did it because I love Gerald with all my heart and I am honored to serve him. I have 7 older brothers who teased me about my cooking. They said I was the only person they knew who could burn water. I still make Gerald's breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day; and I am happy to say the smoke alarm no longer goes off at meal time, Thank You Lord!!


Gerald's perspective

Gerald & Tanny Jackson

Tanny's perspective

Tanny prays for me and speaks words of life into me each day. She still greets me with a hug and kiss when I come home at night. I call her my sweet brown sugar, because her love is so sweet. I make it a point to call Tanny during the day and if I'm running late. Outside of Jesus, she is my best friend, truly a helpmate from the Lord! My only regret is that we didn't meet sooner.

God Loves Us ~(Remix)


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