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What We Offer:
~ Praise & Worship music for worship services, outreach events, community events, etc.… In collaboration with the theme or purpose of the venue.

What We Do:
Music for the soul that heals, strengthens, encourages, and mend. Music that honors and glorifies God, music that imparts faith, hope, love, and ushers people into God's presence.

What We Offer:
Kingdom Love Marriage Music for Weddings, Anniversaries, Couple’s Retreats, Marriage Conferences, and Singles preparing for Marriage.

What We Do:
Our songs are inspired by the word of God to encourage married couples, singles thinking of marriage, and even those on the verge of giving up. One song, on our “Kingdom Love” CD is entitled “The Best is Yet to Come.”  One testimony that stands out to us both is of a couple who were ready to throw in the towel after over 40 years of marriage, and the husband heard our message of hope and love songs on the radio one Sunday night, their love for each other was rekindled and their marriage restored, thank You, Jesus!


Gerald & Tanny Jackson

Begins at the throne of Grace!

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